ProHEALTH Dental Teaches Healthy Habits

In celebration of Wellness Awareness Week, Pediatric Dentist Dr. Sandra Chung of ProHEALTH Dental recently visited with children in grades K-8 at Immaculate Conception Catholic Academy in Astoria to talk about the connection between good oral hygiene and overall physical health. Dr. Chung demonstrated good brushing habits with “Al E. Gator,” a stuffed alligator toy with life-sized human teeth, and then gave each child a chance to practice brushing correctly as well. She also discussed ADA-based lessons on healthy eating and proper oral health habits, including how many times a day to brush and floss (answer: after every meal); what foods are good for our teeth (anything in its natural, non-processed state); what foods can hurt our teeth (anything with processed sugars); and more. The visit was part of an ongoing series for kids to promote the connection between good oral hygiene and overall health. For more information, visit

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