Memo to our Parents From our Principal

Memo to our Parents
From our Principal

A portion of this memo was generated by The Office of the Superintendent of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn:

It was brought to our attention that some students in our schools and academies are being exposed to “challenges” or “games” on the internet which promote self-harm and dangerous behavior. The most recent internet challenge concerns “MOMO,” a fictional character who instructs participants to do dangerous things and not tell their parents about it, or they will be harmed by a frightening monster.

There have been reports of MOMO videos appearing in the videos of Peppa Pig and YouTube Kids. Somehow the perpetrator of these frightening videos has the ability to penetrate Parental Controls. Please be warned that this particular challenge has a disturbing image associated with MOMO on their website.

While we are not able to affect this type of viral social media phenomenon directly, we can help our students face it and stay safe. Some suggestions are:

-Tell children they should not do anything they are told to do on the internet.

-Discuss the dangers of these “challenge” games with your children.

-Remind them their actions have consequences and if they hurt themselves or someone else it is real and there is no taking it back.

-Keep your computers and video games in a shared space so you can keep an eye on what your children are doing, seeing, and saying.

-Remind your children of the dangers of contacting anyone through texting or social media that they do not know.

-Block unknown users and numbers from services and devices and report inappropriate content and behavior.

If you would like to more information about these “challenges,” you can refer to  They have a comprehensive history and background on this and other internet challenge games.