To keep tuition increases modest we have three mandatory fundraisers to supplement our income.  Our intention is not only to generate revenue, but also to involve the community–families, friends, neighbors, alumni–create school spirit, and have some fun!  So mark your calendars and be assured that we appreciate your cooperation and support.

Mandatory Fundraisers
1) Autumn Auction – October 21, 2018 from 1 to 5 p.m. at Riccardo’s by the Bridge in Astoria
2) World’s Finest Chocolate Sale – January 22 – February 11, 2019
3) Walkathon – TBD in May 2019

Optional Fundraisers
Other fundraisers are organized throughout the year.  Your participation is optional, but we encourage you and your children to join us.  These ‘funraisers’ include Bake Sales, Picture Days (Individual, Group, and Spring), the Thanksgiving Flea Market (November 26, 2018), and the Christmas Boutique.

In addition, we schedule Dress Down for Charity Days each month.  This is an opportunity for the students to have some fun and do some good.  Students who donate two dollars or more to the charity identified for that month can ‘dress down’ for the day and not wear the school uniform.  We want the students to know that a small sacrifice on our part can benefit people whose need is much greater than ours.  We will issue an announcement each month to advise you about the specific date and the charity chosen.  We will also let you know how much was collected and donate the previous month.