Immaculate Conception – Astoria CYO Mission & Values:

The Catholic Youth Organization serves the youth of the Diocese of Brooklyn with its core mission to help the young people to be more Christ-like in the way they live and what they value.  The young person is the main focus, not the athletic activity.  Through the varied mediums of sports and other programs, the CYO promotes participation and sportsmanship with the leadership necessary to form a well-rounded individual, who will be prepared to live in a society with honor, dignity and Christian values, promoting Church, Family, and Community.  The CYO emphasizes the following values:

COMMUNITY: Each participant, parent, coach, official and volunteer, working together to bring our Gospel vision and values to life.
HOPE: To nurture a positive spirit in each participant as they learn about themselves.
SERVICE: Providing opportunities and programs to young people as they grow in service in their parish community.
DIGNITY OF PERSON: Accepting one and other with respect, patience, kindness, and understanding.
SPIRITUAL GROWTH: Promoting participation and sportsmanship to foster the total development of participants and influence the formation of Christian values.

For more information regarding CYO please contact our Main Office.