2022-2023 Tuition Rates

Special Rate for Kindergarten and 1st Grade for a Limited Time!

Catholic/Non-CatholicTuition for the School Year10 Monthly Payments of:
1 Child (Catholic)$4,500$450
1 Child (Non-Catholic)$5,500$550

2nd Grade through 8th Grade

CatholicTuition for the School Year10 Monthly Payments of:
1 Child$6,000$600
2 Children$10,000$1,000
3 Children$13,500$1,350
Non-CatholicTuition for the School Year10 Monthly Payments of:
1 Child$7,000$700
2 Children$12,000$1,200
3 Children$15,000$1,500

Grades 2-8 only: If you pay tuition in full before September 1, 2022, the tuition is discounted by $200.

Additional Academy Discounts

  • Catholic Rate: The student must be a baptized Catholic and Parents must be a registered parishioner and regular contributor to their Catholic parish.
  • Student Referrals: If you refer a new family to register a student(s) in Grades 2-8 and the student(s) attends Immac and completes the academic year because of your recommendation, you will receive a $250 credit (per student) toward your tuition at the end of the year.

Academy Fee

In addition to the tuition, the Academy will collect an Academy Fee per student for a variety of expenses directly related to each student.

Academy Fee
Kindergarten - Grade 8$250/Student

Registration Fee

Registration FeeEarly Registration Fee - by February 28, 2021
Current Families$350/Family$200/Family
New Families$350/FamilyN/A


The Walkathon, Chocolate Sale and Annual Auction are mandatory fundraisers which supplement tuition and contribute to operating expenses of the Academy.

Fundraising is a key component of our budget that supplements tuition and helps support the operating expenses of the Academy. We recognize the financial burden and sacrifice that many families are already making with their commitment to pay tuition. Our fundraising events pose an opportunity to partner with family and friends to support our Academy.

Mandatory fundraising for 2021-2022: Total $320

  • Auction – $100 (will include the price of admission to the event)
  • Chocolate Sale – 2 boxes $120
  • Walkathon – $100


All parents will be billed for tuition through Facts in 10 equal payments:

  • First payment due in August; every month thereafter until May
  • You may choose either the 10th or 20th of each month to make your payment
  • You may choose from 3 option to make tuition payments:
    • Automated payment from your bank account
    • Automatic payment on a credit card of your choice, or
    • Mail a check to FACTS each month
  • Tuition checks brought to the Academy will be subject to a $25 processing charge because the Academy is no longer set up to collect tuition payments.

NOTE: You are required to make full monthly tuition payments until the Diocese finalizes your scholarship amount and notifies the Academy. After the Diocese finalizes your scholarship, the Academy will apply your scholarship in FACTS equally over the remaining tuition payments due.

Registration Fees, Mandatory Fundraising Payments and Academy Fees will be billed through FACTS.