A dynamic new STEM lab opened at Immaculate Conception Catholic Academy in Astoria in Fall 2018. Students have been thrilled to use cutting-edge equipment including microscopes, anemometers, spectrophotometers, scales, hot plates, scientific models, construction kits, digital multimeters and so much more! With our interactive STEM lab students are actively building, coding, collaborating, and engaging with STEM concepts and work collaboratively to problem solve. This equipment provides students with the opportunity to explore, problem-solve, collaborate, build, create and learn. Interactive, hands-on, and engaging experiments will develop inquisitive minds, logical reasoning and analytical skills. The STEM lab is just one more valuable resource added to our many opportunities for students to excel academically and socially.

“Our STEM Lab provides students with opportunities to be problem solvers, risk takers, critical thinkers and innovators by working collaboratively with their peers to overcome challenges.”
– Ms. Jennifer Michaels, Fifth Grade Science Teacher

“It is a joy to watch students collaborate to describe a problem, brainstorm ideas, design solutions, and evaluate what worked and what they would change using state of the art technology in the STEM Lab.”
– Ms. Mary O’Donoghue, Seventh and Eighth Grade Science Teacher