Primary Grades from First through Fourth are self-contained; that is, the students remain together in their homeroom for all major subjects:  Religion, English Language Arts (ELA), Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.  The students have these courses four or five times each week.

Middle School consists of grades Five through Eight.  These classes are departmentalized meaning that the students meet in their homeroom at the beginning of the day and then travel to their classes:  Religion, ELA, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.  These classes meet four or five times each week.

Special Subjects – Students have special subjects that meet once each week: Art (Nursery through 8th grade), Gym (Nursery through 8th grade), Music (Nursery through 8th grade) and Spanish (Kindergarten through 8th grade).

Additional Academic Support – Students who need additional academic support are provided with Title I services in Literacy and Math once or twice each week and with SETSS  (Special Education Teacher Support Services) as recommended by a student’s IEP (Individual Education Plan).